Before it  will come to the completion of the painting itself, a lot  of time passes by! It starts with an idea, a thought, an emotion, inspired by an impression from life, a meeting, a travel – out of a moment of existence, which slowly forms to a picture within myself … I am walking pregnant with ideas for new paintings, while one or many grow inside me, until the thought is formed to maturity and reveals itself in the creation!

Since the earliest childhood days, painting is an essential part of the life of artist Manuela Rehahn. With her talent, inherited by her father, she soon is searching for the art of painting, in the beginning with the innocence of a child, in the following years, refining her craft more and more, exploring all possibilities, gaining knowledge and skills … Everywhere and  from everything she is capturing impressions, which she processes in her paintings … She always says, that she has to paint.